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This site provides online materials and resources for Inside Out: Strategies for Teaching Writing, 4th edition, by Dawn Latta Kirby and Darren Crovitz. Heinemann, 2012.



“If you’re ultimately helping students become creative individuals with a voice; fluent, context-aware experts with language; and engaged and thinking adults, we think you’re doing your job as a writing teacher (above and beyond what the standards-of-the-week have to say on the matter).”
                                                                           —Dawn Latta Kirby and Darren Crovitz


“To teach writing well, we don’t look someplace ‘out there’ for rules, formulas, and mimicry,” write Dawn Latta Kirby and Darren Crovitz. “We begin, instead, by teaching students to attend to their inner language, to their individual sensations, perceptions, emotions, incipient understandings, observations, and perspectives. Writing, like all other acts of creation, develops from the inside out.”


In this irreverent and practical guide, Dawn Latta Kirby and Darren Crovitz carry on the long-standing tradition of earlier editions with guidance for building a community of writers, providing innovative and effective strategies for meeting kids where they are and coaching them to write with passion and purpose across all genres. Dawn and Darren’s updates and revisions speak directly to today’s teacher, offering:


  • new strategies and suggestions that incorporate technology in meaningful ways and speak to today’s tech natives in terms they understand

  • guidance for working with English language learners (ELLs) in the writing classroom

  • inventive, reality-based approaches to research

  • options for bringing nontraditional texts into your writing classroom

  • a fresh take on the importance of authentic literacy education, especially in the age of the Common Core

  • real-world wisdom and advice from a team of middle school and high school writing teachers.



From theory to practice this comprehensive text has everything you’ll need to engage your students and get them writing from the inside out.


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